Friday, February 6, 2009

Possible Link Between Dam and China Quake

I try to read the New York Times headlines every day, and then read an article or two that seem worth it. The following paragraph in this article really struck me because it's about timing. I realize that the researchers are talking about timing in terms of hundreds of years, but since I lived in Dujiangyan for a year before the earthquake, the timing still means something to me personally about my safety and the sovereignty of God.

"Mr. Seeber said that while the link between the Sichuan earthquake and the Zipingpu Dam was not yet proved, work by Christian Klose, a Columbia University researcher specializing in geophysical hazards, suggested the stress caused by the water’s weight might have hastened the quake by a few hundred years.

'It would have occurred anyway,” Mr. Seeber said. 'But of course the people who were affected might think the timing is an important difference.' "